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New York City: Grand Central Station

In rush hours, the Grand Central Station is like an ebbing tide of humanity that flows in all four corners. There’s chaos here but it’s wonderfully beautiful. The fluidity of movements created by people is like a dance masterpiece which everyone has it’s own choreography to perform. The famed clock

A tribute to John Lennon

Long before New York became synonymous with Lady Gaga, it was, first and foremost, ultra synonymous with John Lennon. Long before Lady Gaga made “paws up” a fad, John Lennon made the peace sign cool. And his song imagine became a song for peaceful protests. On the West side of

Inside St Patrick Cathedral

The first time I heard about St Patrick Cathedral was from my Humanities university professor. It’s one of the perfect examples of traditional Gothic architecture—in sharp contrast with the sturdy and glorious modern architecture along 5th Street. For a tired soul (or shopper?), the Catherdral is a respite from the