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Top of Burj Khalifa Dubai Skyline 7

Why Dubai Should be on Your Bucket List

What comes to mind when the City of Dubai is mentioned? Is it the sweeping views of high-rises? Is it

Saqqara Pyramids Cairo Egypt 4Saqqara Pyramids in the City of the Dead (Cairo, Egypt).

Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Middle East You Must Visit

The Middle East is one region in the world that is not getting positive tourism news. However, this part of

Jounieh Harissa Beirut Lebanon 12

Lebanon: 10 Things to See in Beirut

A popular moniker associated with Beirut truly depicts what it is. Although hit by a civil war for more than

Kuwait Skyline Kuwait Tower 11

8 Things to do in Kuwait

Sandwiched between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, my experience with Kuwait, a tiny Arab country, is nothing spectacular. That’s mainly because

Infinity Pool.Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Things to do in Bahrain Manama

10 Things to do in Bahrain

Riches are the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when most people think of the Arab world. However, I’d

Yanbu Flower Festival 13

Photos From Yanbu Flower Festival 2018 – The World’s Largest Carpet of Flowers

The annual Yanbu Flower Festival is here again but we were too late to visit the famed Spring festival in

Firework.Yanbu Flower Festival 7

The Fireworks at Yanbu Flower Festival

Here are the photos of the fireworks at Yanbu Flower Festival! Saudi Arabia might be the least country you would

Al Amin Mosque Inside Beirut Lebanon 15

Must-see: Inside Al Amin Mosque in Beirut

While I was in Beirut, I had the chance to go inside Al Amin Mosque. The locals call it as

I Love Beirut Sign Lebanon 3

I Love Beirut

A lot of cities around the world are joining the fad of installing “I Love …” signs. We have that,

Food Lebanese Cuisine Beirut 13

This is What Lebanese Cuisine Looks Like

Below are photos of Lebanese cuisine / food I ate while in Beirut for three nights. These are all the