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Things to do in Guadalajara

The Historical District of Guadalajara, Mexico, is a vibrant cultural hub offering many attractions for visitors. Located in the heart of the city, the district is home to several historical landmarks, museums, and cultural centers that offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history and traditions. Here are some of

Coyoacan – A Morning Stroll

Discovering Coyoacan was a travel itinerary that wasn’t supposed to happen. From our hotel in Mexico City, a friend and I hired a taxi to take us around for a day. Our first stop was Frida Kahlo’s Blue House – and we were told that the queue would be unbearable.

Inside Palacio Nacional del Gobierno in Guadalajara

Going inside Palacio Nacional del Gobierno in Guadalajara is like time traveling. If the walls could talk, their stories can be worth a series of historical documentaries for Netflix or for television. I’ll be binge-watching it for sure. My friend and I had only a night’s stay in Guadalajara. Yes,

A Boat Ride in Xochimilco – A Colorful, Cultural Journey

A boat ride in Xochimilco is a journey like no other. It is a unique experience, a colorful, and cultural journey. No wonder this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The floating gardens of Xochimilco are just 28 kilometers from the center of Mexico City. The water scenes reminded me

A MexiCable Ride Through Ecatepec and Its Colourful Houses

A Mexicable ride through Ecatepec and its colorful houses on the hills was an experience to remember. It was also an interesting trip from the very start to the very end of our half-day excursion. Photos of Ecatepec’s colorful houses are all over the internet. Even before we arrived the

The Massive Teotihuacan Pyramids Outside Mexico City

The massive Teotihuacan Pyramids lies 40 kilometers outside Mexico City. Two of its biggest pyramids here are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. The former, however, is bigger than the latter. It doesn’t matter which one you explore first – but in our case, we

Christmas at Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City

Christmas in Mexico City is conspicuous at the Plaza de la Constitución. The locals also call it “The Zocalo Plaza,” the city’s (and perhaps, the country’s) main square. This is, in fact, the largest public square in Latin/South America. You’ve never been to Mexico City if you’ve never walked in