Boracay Sunset Philippines 10

Boracay Sunset is the best in the world

The breathtaking Boracay sunset is one thing you would never forget when you leave the island. It’s also one thing

Quiapo Church Manila Philippines 2

Scenes in Quiapo

Want to see the real Philippines? Go to Quiapo. It never fails to amaze and annoy you. If you’re broad-minded

Fort Santiago Intramuros Manila Philippines 5

Intramuros and Fort Santiago in Manila

If you want to understand the Philippines as a country, visit Intramuros and Fort Santiago in Manila. Buildings of colonial

Manila Bay Sunset Philippines 10

Manila Bay Sunset

The first time I saw the Manila Bay sunset some years ago, I fell in-love.It was love at first sight,

Luneta Park Manila Philippines 5

Luneta Park in Manila

Paris Hilton had a selfie here in Luneta Park. So should you. 🙂 The day I was in Manila, I