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Open Museum of Traditional Houses

The Open Museum of Traditional Houses in Osaka is in the outskirts of the city but it is very accessible to the subway. From the subway, challenge yourself to walk for 800 meters. It’s easy to find it even if I didn’t see any billboards to direct me there. However,

Tokyo By Night Looks Like Paris

Tokyo by night looks like Paris. There’s a tower in the middle of the city that looks like an Eiffel Tower but a bit smaller in size. And where’s the best place to view Tokyo’s skyline at night? Head over to Roponggi Hills, known for the Japanese yuppies and fashionistas.

My First Sumo Wrestling

No, it wasn’t me in the ring. I didn’t fight. I’m too tiny for that. LOL.  I am one of those lucky travellers in Japan who came here during Sumo season: January, May and September. Sumo Wrestling at Ryogukan Sumo Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.Sumo Wrestling at Ryogukan Sumo Stadium in Tokyo,

Japan – Shinjuku District in Tokyo

I woke up early only to find out that the guy next to my capsule is shirtless. And cute. LOL… Handsome? Hmmmnnn… I said, he’s cute. 😀 I took a shower and packed my stuff so I can move to the dormitory type room. My wooden capsule was just temporary–for