Jakarta Chinatown Temples Indonesia 1

This Temple in Chinatown Jakarta is the Oldest in the City

This temple in Chinatown Jakarta is worth exploring. The locals call it Glodok which is also the name of the

Jakarta Museum Prasasti Cemetery Indonesia 1

Museum Prasasti is Not Your Ordinary Museum in Jakarta

Museum Prasasti in Jakarta is, perhaps, the weirdest museums I’ve been to in my entire life! It’s a necropolis! it’s

Wayang Museum Jakarta Batavia Indonesia 2

Wayang Museum – A Culture of Puppetry on Display

Wayang Museum is one of the unique museums I’ve been to in my entire travels. It’s not your ordinary museum

National Museum Jakarta Indonesia 1

The National Museum in Jakarta Has More Than A Hundred Thousand Relics

The National Museum in Jakarta has more than a hundred thousand relics coming from different parts of the country. This

Jakarta National Monument Tugu Monumen Indonesia 4

Jakarta National Monument and the City Views from the Tower

Visiting Jakarta National Monument is where you should start to get to know Indonesia’s capital city. You’re not only visiting

Alain – Tugu National Monument

Walking Tour in Jakarta – Things to Do and See

A walking tour in Jakarta is possible – as long as you have the stamina to walk around, of course!