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Xilamuren Grasslands in Inner Mongolia

Some time ago (that time when I wasn’t travel blogging yet), I went to this verdant Xilamuren grasslands in Inner Mongolia, a two-hour drive from the capital, Hohhot. It was a chilly October day and the wide expanse of the open land could compete with that of the azure sky

China Best Travel Photos – Part 1

My first trip abroad was in late 2002. My first destination was Beijing, China. Back then, Beijing was a bit of a chaos. It was The China in my mind: Chinese courtyard houses were still everywhere, waiting to be discovered; the morning rush hours meant people go to work in

Grasslands in Inner Mongolia

A visit to the grasslands in Inner Mongolia is a must when you’re in the region. So, on our third and last day in Hohot, the capital city, we were excited to see real Mongolian yurts and feast on Mongolian food like no other. For three hours, our car went up