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Goldfield Ghost Town

Go Time Traveling at Goldfield Ghost Town

There used to be about 50 working mines in Goldfield back in 1890s. It was, no doubt, a perfect picture of the Wild Wild West. But, its heydays are gone and the place is booming of gold no more. Today, it is appropriately called, Goldfield Ghost Town. Yes, it might

I met John Wayne

I met John Wayne at Mammoth Steak House and Saloon Bar in Goldfield Ghost Town, just outside the city of Phoenix. Ok, John Wayne is dead but not his body double. He’s alive and entertaining visitors and customers at a resto bar. This is the Mammoth Steak House and Saloon at

Elvis Presley is God in this Chapel

Yes, there is such place as Elvis Presley Chapel! No, I’m not talking about the one in Vegas where a host of Elvis impersonators serenade the newly-wed couples and their guests, but I’m talking about the one in Apacheland, less than an hour outside Phoenix, Arizona. Admission is FREE but