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The Old Town of Cologne – A Walk Through History

The historic Old Town of Cologne is, I think, the best place to drink and eat in the city. Especially in the summer- when the searing temperature is on, and everyone is thirsty. 😀 Based on historical records, 72% of the city was destroyed by World war II. However, many

This Roman-German Museum Proves That Cologne Was Once a Roman City

There is no doubt that the Roman-German Museum in Cologne proves that the wonderful city was once under Roman rule.  The modern museum stands on the land where the original marvelous mosaic of Dionysius was found.  Thus, the Römisch-Germanisches Museum is, in itself, an archaeological site. Dionysius’s mosaic is, perhaps,

Cologne Skyline from KolnSky Tower on a Cloudy Day

A high school classmate of mine brought me KolnSky to see the unforgettable Cologne skyline from its viewing deck. We crossed the famed Hohenzollern bridge behind Cologne Cathedral before reaching the KolnSky building. On that day, the sun played hide-and-seek, and then it decided not to come out throughout our

Leave Your Hearts at Love Locks Bridge in Cologne

Leave your hearts at love locks bridge in Cologne. But let me be clear: the bridge’s name is not Love Locks. I’m referring to Hohenzollern Bridge which crosses through the Rhine River. The bridge railings are fully adorned with love locks from the locals, but mainly from the tourists. Hohenzollern

The Colorful Stained Glass Windows Inside Cologne Cathedral

The stained glass windows inside Cologne Cathedral are a kaleidoscope of colors that visitors should not miss. Yes, I know, every European cathedral has a couple of stained glass windows, and that’s why you should notice them. They might look the same to you, but if you take a closer

Inside Cologne Cathedral

Now that you’ve seen the 360-degree views of the facade, it is time for you to see what’s inside Cologne Cathedral. In my previous post, I revealed that the main reason why this Koln Cathedral is popular is because of the remains of the Three Wise Men or The Three

The Facade of Cologne Cathedral

I will show you 360 views of the facade of Cologne Cathedral in Germany – before I take you inside. This imposing Gothic Cathedral is Cologne’s most famous landmark and the pride of its people – regardless of their religious affiliation. And true enough, from a glance outside, the cathedral