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Chicago Skyline from Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines didn’t fail to impress me on my first ride. It was good. For a budget airline, I didn’t expect much but they left me a good impression. I don’t want to talk about the details–you might think I got a free round-trip ticket for saying too much. Although I could

Field Museum – A Time Capsule

Visiting the Field Museum in Chicago can be both boring and enlightening. In that order. That’s how I felt while roaming from one exhibit to another. Boring. The facts and information you absorb by reading hundreds of descriptions on each display is just overwhelming. It’s not even interactive. The preserved

My Reflections on Chicago’s THE BEAN

Acclaimed Indian-born British sculptor-artist, Anish Kapoor called his masterpiece as Cloud Gate. Chicagoans called it as, The Bean. Well, simply because it resembles like a bean. Obviously, you can’t see why it’s a Cloud Gate, but you can easily guess The Bean, right? This smooth, metallic sculpture is actually inspired by

Gangster Tour – A Bang Up Time in Chicago

Chicago used to be a gangsters’ haven. They used to be synonymous. Inseparable. They defined each other. But, gone were the days of gang violence and mobster mentality. Chicago cleaned up its act and whoever messes with it now will answer to the law–and not to some sketchy humanoid who

Chicago – Pilsen Graffiti

I was told not to go there—in Chicago’s Pilsen Area–to check out the graffiti. I always have this fascination about graffiti. “It’s a dangerous area,” said the receptionist at my hostel. “Even during the day?”, I asked. She shrugged off her shoulder, tilted her head and eyes opened wide, “Yeah.”

Outside Chicago – Baha’i House of Worship

I never heard this religion before. Not until a friend in Chicago brought me there one Sunday. Baha’i House of Worship is in Wilmette, Illinois, just outside Chicago. An hour drive, maybe. Save up to 52% Chicago’s 5 BEST ATTRACTIONS!  What struck me was the detailed architectural work of its

The Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright

Directions to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway used to live in the same neighborhood. They’re the great sons of Oak Park. In fact, they’re 7 minutes walk away from each other’s house. So, if you are done visiting Hemingway’s House, walk on your left and turn

Chicago – View from Willis Tower

Imagine 283 Barack Obamas standing on top of the other—that’s how tall Willis Tower is! It’s 442 meters high and currently the tallest building in the United States. It takes 60 seconds to the 103rd floor on an elevator that sways while it goes up. On a clear day, this

Chicago Segway and Architecture Tour

My first Segway Tour ride didn’t culminate without a hard fall. I got nervous when we were passing on a narrow pathway and I didn’t turn the handle at the right time in a little curve that goes a little uphill. I hit the concrete rectangular flower bed pot and