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Hassan II Mosque by Night

The Hassan II Mosque by night looks like it is surrounded by glowing embers of shining gold. It looks more tantalizing to our sense of sight than it is during the day. The pulsating rhythm of the rising tides that smash the seawall blends well with the call of prayer

Sunset in Casablanca

Sunset in Casablanca is breathtakingly gorgeous. In the afternoon, a lot of people gather at the seawall that leads to Hassan II Mosque to do two things: go fishing and watch the sunset. On the other hand, many shirtless youngsters are braving the waves that pummel the mosque’s archways. Outside

Hassan II Mosque is Casablanca’s Famous Landmark

My early flight from Dubai was on time but the connecting flight in Cairo to Casablanca was delayed for an hour – because it’s EgyptAir. From Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca, it was very easy to find the train that goes to downtown which lasted for 40 minutes up to