Egyptian Museum in Cairo 20

A Look Inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

For history fans, getting inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is a dream come true. It is filled with intriguing and

Pyramids from Citadel 8

View of the Pyramids from The Citadel in Cairo

Do you know that you can see Egypt’s Great Pyramids from The Citadel in Cairo? Except for those who have

Grafitti in Cairo 1

Cairo Graffiti – Windows to a Troubled Egypt

On January 2011, Egyptians from all walk of life gathered at Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest the country’s declining

Camels Pyramids of Giza Egypt Cairo

Scams and Annoyances in Egypt

Wherever I travel, scammers, touts and annoyances are unavoidable, especially in touristy areas. Or maybe, I’m a tout/scammer magnet. 😀 They

Egyptian Night Hostel Cairo 3

Hostel Review – Egyptian Night Cairo Hostel

There is no doubt that Egyptian Night Cairo Hostel has the best location in the city if you want to

People Climb the Pyramids of Egypt Giza 3

Photos of People Climbing the Great Pyramids of Giza

Before going to Egypt, I really thought that climbing the Pyramids is a big No-No thing to do because they’re

How To Explore The Pyramids of Egypt On Foot.

How To Explore The Pyramids of Egypt On Foot

This post, How to Explore the Pyramids of Egypt on Foot, is your guide on how to maximise your time

Sphinx Guest House Hotel Room With a View of the Pyramids 10

Sphinx Guest House – Room with a view of the Pyramids

Location: The name speaks for itself: it is right in front of the famed Sphinx, guardian of the Pyramids. This is

Sunset st the Great Pyramids Giza Egypt 4

Sunset at the Pyramids of Egypt

After a delayed flight, I finally landed in chaotic Cairo at 3 in the afternoon. From there, someone helped me

View from the Top Cairo to Amman Desert 17

View from the top – Cairo to Amman

The trip from Toronto to Cairo via EgyptAir was 10 hours. I actually didn’t mind the long haul as we