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Homo Hill in Seoul

What a monicker for a gay district, isn’t it? Before I came to Seoul, I already knew about this famous Homo Hill, the city’s gay district. The surrounding area is actually not exclusive to queer community. In fact, before reaching Homo Hill, everyone has to pass the long queue of bars,

Busan in a Day

“Dynamic Busan.” That’s how Busan is being sold to tourists. For two nights stay in this city, I didn’t exactly see how dynamic Busan is. Not even a bit. Ok fine, the bar life was dynamic! 😀 In two crazy nights I spent here with friends, I’d say that this city CAN

My first Korean Barbecue

On the day I arrived Busan, I asked my super fab couch host about Gay Busan. Though not surprised by my question, I was the one who was surprised by his answer: “What gay life? Here?” He smiled boyishly as if he doesn’t know. Well, he does know where the gay area is.

Beaches in Busan

Due to last night’s debauchery, I woke up at 11 a.m. It’s too late for sightseeing so I decided to just concentrate my exploration of the city by the seaside where I can dip my feet into the sea and see boys in their trunks and golden beach bodies. Haha!