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Travel Itinerary: A Day in Bologna

I was in Bologna for two full days and nights. However, I only spent a day in Bologna because I spent the second day in Ravenna, a small city which is an hour and 15 minutes by train. Ravenna is a city known for its amazing mosaics, history and architecture.

Portico di San Luca – The Road to Sanctuary of the Madonna

Bologna’s Portico di San Luca is the road to Sanctuary of the Madonna. It’s actually not a road but a 3.7-kilometer covered pathway that goes to a Catholic Sanctuary on a hill. Whether it’s a sunny or a rainy day; snowy or windy, visitors can always shelter themselves against extreme

View from the Top: Bologna is a City That Still Looks Medieval

Bologna is a city that still looks medieval from the streets to the rooftops. And thank goodness, it’s one of the off-beaten paths that tourists skip when visiting Italy. I’m glad I did stop here for two nights without expecting much on what to do and see. After two weeks