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The Voormalige Hanze kwartier Windmills in Bruges

The way to find the Voormalige Hanze Kwartier Windmills in Bruges was a quiet walk from the city centre. I passed through old cobble stoned pathways, passing through the old medieval quarter of Bruges. Surprisingly, the streets were away from the tourists who  won’t explore further beyond ancient sites. Following my

The Finest Flemish Paintings Are Here at Groeninge Museum

At Groeninge Museum in Bruges, I’ve seen my very first Flemish paintings. That, if my memory serves me right. And these are not just your regular paintings. They’re the works of master Flemish painters, like Jan Provoost, Jan Van Eyck and Hieronymus Bosch. The museum also have some works from the

I Saw the Blood of Christ at the Basilica of the Holy Blood

You read the title right: I saw the blood of Christ at the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges, Belgium. You might not believe me because I don’t have photos to show you of the “actual” blood of Jesus Christ – but people, especially Christians, around the world go

Food Porn – Belgian Waffles in Brussels

Nothing beats the taste of Belgian waffles in Brussels. When you eat these in the country that started it, it’s more gloriously delicious! In Brussels, these waffles are in every corner and you can even smell them from afar – that is if you have a good sense of smell.

These Peeing Statues Are Tourist Attractions in Brussels

These peeing statues are tourist attractions in Brussels. It’s kinda weird, right? Huge statues like the “Statue of Liberty” in New York or “Christ The Redeemer” in Rio de Janiero are famous in their size and historical value. But, these tiny statues in Brussels are a league on their own.