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Huanghuacheng Great Wall of China

The hikers arrived on time at the rendezvous in Jishuitan KFC. As soon as everyone had their breakfast and had answered the morning “call of nature”, everybody was set to go. Davis, the tour organizer, briefed us about the itinerary of the day while the bus was snaking through the weekend

Beijing Hutong: Qianmen

Nowadays, Beijing Hutong doesn’t exactly resemble as they were in the past, but, one could still find ancient architecture, woods, doors, posts, etc… that stood the weather and time. HUTONGS are ancient, traditional Chinese streets / villages / communities which, amazingly, still exist in Beijing despite the rapid development and construction here and there. On

The Long Corridor at Beihai Park

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Beihai Park to meet someone. He was caught in a rush hour in the afternoon so he was late for 30 minutes. I usually don’t wait this long but I saw the opportunity of camwhoring while waiting for him. Affordable, Stunning and Awesome Asia! And

The Ancient Village of Cuandixia

Cuandixia is an ancient village that time forgot. Bored for making myself a prisoner this week due to my dry cough, I set out on a day trip outside Beijing. Together with a bicultural gay male couple, we hired a taxi from Pingguoyuan subway to the ancient village of Cuandixia.