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Beijing PRIDE

 My comrades in Beijing celebrated PRIDE last Saturday with pomp, colors, glitters, pageantry, sequins, drag performances and lots of fun—–in the most fabulous way of all. Though without a Parade, it’s a good start. It was not a public celebration, of course. China will get there on the streets someday.

Dancing in The City

Another video of mine is featured in CNN. CNN asked its viewers to document in photos or videos about how people in urban areas exercise. I submitted the video of Chinese people dancing at the Olympic park when I visited it last Friday. Despite Beijing’s rapid development in speed no

Beijing Finally Joins International Pillowfight Day!

Yes, finally! After two consecutive years of TRYING to organize and do it—it finally happened YESTERDAY, April 3, joining with the rest of more than a hundred cities around the world. WE did Beijing’s FIRST Pillowfight Day in the touristy area in Nalouguxiang sans delays and armed policemen. We’ll take

The Cultural Revolution Restaurant in Beijing

The Cultural Revolution in China is definitely NOT over yet. There’s one more restaurant standing— on the outskirts of Beijing, just outside on the East side of the fifth ring road. Kid you not. This is one place where the atmosphere is VERY revolutionary and where nationalism is instilled above

The Penis Restaurant in Beijing

So….. last night, six of us went to this Penis Restaurant which my Swiss friend had been babbling about since January. Honestly, I was not looking forward to eating a phallus but excited to try my first ever penis dish of the animal kingdom.  We were all so curious and had no

Face-changing Show

Finally, I was able to see a face-changing show in Beijing. This is one thing I promised myself that I’d never leave China without seeing one. Last week, when a friend moved our original rendezvous for dinner from Dongzhimen to a restaurant near my workplace in Jianwai Soho, Goumao, I

SHIT Restaurant in Beijing

The Chinese guy I was with simply translated the restaurant’s name as, “SHIT IN THE RESTAURANT.” For brevity and clarity, let’s just call it as SHIT RESTAURANT. Or to be less gross TOILET RESTAURANT.  🙂  And yes, I know. It’s not fabulous to talk about shit. 🙂 I’ve been meaning

Beijing:Temple of Heaven

Pardon me if this blog has turned into a photoblog. My life has not been exciting this past weeks and it’s my choice. I’m on hiatus from raves and going to parties that involves drinking. It’s doctor’s advice. I should be sober (meaning, alcohol-free) for the next three months to


Last night, I brought my friend’s family, who are visiting Beijing for 6 days, to this Dimsum restaurant that I have been so many times but can’t even figure / say out the name of it in Chinese. It’s a good thing that it’s near the subway and a famous

Christmas Eve in Beijing

Beijing was crazy last night, Christmas Eve. China, of course, doesn’t celebrate Christmas. But, in big cities, like Beijing, it has become a fad. Just a fad. Right after work yesterday, I decided to visit the St. Joseph Cathedral in Wangfujing to try my new toy, Canon 500D. As early

Beijing Santacon

Despite the windy, freezing coldness, Naughty and Nice Santas came in droves to spread holiday cheers, love, hug and alcohol to the Beijing rens. Santacon started at noon in two different Poles of Beijing: The Northwest Pole (Pyro at Wudaoko) and the Southeast Pole(The Bricks in Shuangjing). Santas from these

Homo Hill in Seoul

What a monicker for a gay district, isn’t it? Before I came to Seoul, I already knew about this famous Homo Hill, the city’s gay district. The surrounding area is actually not exclusive to queer community. In fact, before reaching Homo Hill, everyone has to pass the long queue of bars,

2009 Great Wall Beach Party

Its my fourth time in a row. The first Great Wall Party was in Jinshanling Great Wall. We were literally dancing on the steps of the newly-renovated Great Wall back in 2005! YEN, the ultimate party master, organized the event. And they called it: YEN ON THE WALL! We’ll take

Beijing City Bus Tour

Yesterday was a beautiful day! There were immaculate clouds decorating the blue sky. It was an exact opposite of the thunderous and rainy weather a day before that. And what a better way to explore Beijing by using up the City Bus Tour tickets we won from the Beijing Pub Quiz last Sunday at The Tun Bar!

View from Jingshan Park

Last weekend, I brought a dear friend to the hills of Jingshan Park. He asked me where to see sunset in Beijing and I couldn’t think of any but Jingshan Park, at the back of the Forbidden City or Gugong. And we were never disappointed. It was a beautiful day.

Ming Tombs – Where Emperors Are Buried

A couple of days ago, I acted as a tourist guide to a gay couple who contacted me via this blog. They asked me for recommendations on what to do and see while they’re here in Beijing for a week. I sent them a list of recommendations and even directions