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5 Places to Visit in Avila

Here are five places to visit in Avila, Spain. This medieval city is a stunning city located in the heart of the country. Known for its rich history and stunning architecture, Avila offers visitors a glimpse into the past and a chance to experience the beauty of Spain. Here are

Travel Itinerary: One Day in Avila

Avila is one of the historical jewels of the crown of Spain. Cities around the world are witnesses of many past events, and this medieval town is no exception. It has seen the Moorish and the Christian rule, and both eras have left their footprints on the city in the

Inside the Convent of St Theresa of Avila

Tourists and visitors don’t just go to Avila to see the famed Murallas or Walls that surround the city.  Another reason is to visit the Convent of St Theresa of Avila. Thousands of Catholic pilgrims pass by this convent to honor the Saint known for her spiritual contemplation and mysticism.

Inside Avila Cathedral – The First Gothic Cathedral in Spain

Catedral de Avila, or Avila Cathedral, is Spain’s first Gothic cathedral. Going inside was the first thing I did when I arrived in this city known for its ancient fortress. Instead of joining a tour, I opted to do it alone because, as you can guess, I abhor being rushed. And

Murallas de Avila – Spain’s Most Preserved City Walls

There’s no doubt that Murallas de Avila is Spain’s most preserved city wall. The imposing ramparts are so high that you feel so tiny standing in front of them, and they’re solid and robust and can still defend the city inside in case of conflict. The walls are built in Romanesque

The Breathtaking Sunset in Avila

The sunset in Avila is awesome! This medieval town in Spain is picturesque and located in the heart of the country. It is well-known for its medieval walls, which are the most complete and best-preserved walls in all of Europe. The city is also home to many beautiful Gothic and