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The Splendor of Hofburg Palace in Vienna

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria, is a stunning example of imperial architecture and a must-see tourist destination. With a history spanning over 700 years, the palace has served as the seat of the Habsburg dynasty, the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It has undergone numerous renovations and expansions over

Five Palaces in Vienna That are Worth Visiting

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and beautiful palaces. Visitors to this stunning city will remember the grandeur and elegance of these palaces, which serve as a reminder of the city’s imperial past. Here are five beautiful palaces that you should visit

My Own Walking Tour of Vienna – The City of Music

Here’s my own walking tour of Vienna – using the map I picked up at the tourism office at the train station. If you are arriving by train, don’t forget to drop by the tourism office and ask what you could do for a day or three in the city.

Belvedere Palace in Vienna Will Take Your Breath Away

The Belvedere Palace in Vienna will take your breath away. It’s one of those magnificent palaces in Europe that is as fascinating as its history. The palace compound has two Baroque palaces: the Orangery (Upper Belvedere) and the Palace Stables (Lower Belvedere). Between these two palaces are wonderful and well-manicured

Inside the Former House of Sigmund Freud – Now a Museum

When visiting Vienna, do not skip visiting the former house of Sigmund Freud, now a museum. He is known for his three divisions of the human psyche: the id, ego, and super-ego. However, the word schadenfreude (finding pleasure in the misfortune of others) has nothing to do with him. 😉