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Hospital Sant Pau is Barcelona’s Window to Art Nouveau

The former hospital Sant Pau is Barcelona’s window to art nouveau. The moment you enter the gate, you know you’re inside a place that would take you to bygone times. You’d never even know that in the past, these buildings were used as hospitals. From outside, the pointed spires and

Interesting Facts About Sacre Coeur in Paris

Before visiting, get to know these interesting facts about Sacre Coeur in Paris. It’s a minor Roman Catholic basilica that sits atop Montmarte, the city’s highest summit. You’ll see it from the top of the Eiffel Tower or from Notre Dame Cathedral. Its domes look different from any Catholic churches

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Here are some photos of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I didn’t see Quasimodo inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. He is, of course – along with Esmeralda – fictional.  But this Catholic cathedral seems to be tied to his name or the other way around. Thanks to

The Eiffel Tower at Night – Is it Really Romantic?

Is the Eiffel Tower at night really romantic? Hmmm, that’s a million kisses question I’d attempt to answer. The answer is both yes and no. But then, I’m single and I travel solo, so, you may not take my word for this. And also because I have different views about

At Arc de Triomphe in Paris, All Twelve Avenues Meet Here

At Arc de Triomphe in Paris, all twelve avenues meet here. And they’re all straight streets that you could easily follow to the end of nowhere. From the center of Place Charles de Gaulle, the avenues spread out like tentacles of an octopus. When you’re standing from the top of

Is this the Narrowest House in Amsterdam?

This may not be the thinnest house in the world but this certainly is the narrowest house facade in the world. While I’ve seen some pretty small / thin houses on my walks along the canal, this one seems to be the narrowest. I didn’t find it on my own.

Ponte Vecchio – Hitler Liked the View of Florence From Here

When Hitler visited Florence in 1938, Mussolini planned to bring the Fuhrer to Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge). And guess what, he liked the view of Florence from here. During World War II, Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge in Florence that the Germans didn’t destroy. Instead of demolishing it, they

Inside Florence Duomo Isn’t as Grand as Its Facade

Inside Florence Duomo isn’t as grand as its facade. I was a bit disappointed. The cathedral is almost bare inside. Unlike other cathedrals, this one doesn’t allow visitors to sit on one of the few pews inside. Its Gothic design inside gives a vast impression of the cathedral that also

The Gates of Paradise at Florence Baptistry

The Gates of Paradise at Florence Baptistry are closed to the public, but, perhaps, open to the men of God. Sadly, I’m not one of the righteous ones. The baptistry is an octagonal monument with three doors with lavish ornaments of religious themes. These doors are perfect examples of the