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My Camel Visitors

I have camel visitors today – when I woke up at 12:20 PM. When I looked out the window, these desert creatures came to pass by our apartment. Camels are usually seen far from where we are but I guess, this morning is an exemption. They hanged out below us

How To Transport Camels in Saudi Arabia

Last weekend, while on our way for our weekend shopping, we saw these camels being transported in a Toyota pick-up. As you can see, there are three of them and they seem to be well-behaved camels. I wonder how they were enticed to go into the back of the car

Camel Burger, Anyone?

When I took this photo of a camel in front of McDonald’s, I thought of a camel burger being served in Aqaba, Jordan. But, of course, let’s just hope I’m 1000% wrong. LOL…. I talked to the child-owner and he told me that this two-year old camel is a gift

Field Museum – A Time Capsule

Visiting the Field Museum in Chicago can be both boring and enlightening. In that order. That’s how I felt while roaming from one exhibit to another. Boring. The facts and information you absorb by reading hundreds of descriptions on each display is just overwhelming. It’s not even interactive. The preserved

Eating Deer Meat in Mexico

We left Chichen Itza at around 3 in the afternoon—and everyone was hungry. Except me. I felt that the calories I had from my huge breakfast wasn’t burned yet. So, we stopped in a village 20 minutes away from Chichen Itza, on our way back to Tulum. We missed to