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Stargazing at Toronto International Film Festival 2013 – Part 2

Because I was told that I can go back to work on the 16th of September, so, instead of travelling, I decided to stay here for the Toronto International Film Festival 2013 (TIFF 2013). Stargazing in film festivals is cheaper than travelling, right? Though fans have to endure long queues

Martha Reeves and the Crowd at the TD Toronto Jazz Fest

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas at the TD Toronto Jazz Fest 2013 Martha Reeves is one funny Queen of Motown songs. Her natural ability to make her audience laugh without even trying hard endears her to the heart of music lovers. Her unique vocal range can raise the roof like

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

It’ was damn cold in Montreal last weekend. Freezing, actually. After the tempestuous snowstorm last Friday, it’s no good to be depressed by and wallowed in it. Plowing your snow-covered backyard would be a good thing to do but dancing the winter away at Igloofest was the best thing you