Bradley Cooper

TIFF 2012: Bradley Cooper

Toronto International Film Festivals (TIFF) 2012 Bradley Cooper. Oh, Bradley Cooper! Hes Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor and People Magazines Man


2012 Toronto Pride Parade Photos

To see more of the 2012 Toronto Pride Parade Photos and Pride Celebrations, click HERE. The long weekend was full of festivities that people


2012 Toronto Pride Parade Photos 2

Part 5 of the Toronto Pride Parade 2012 photos. Some photos were taken after the Parade. To see more photos of 2012 Toronto Pride Parade and Pride Celebrations,


The Boys of Toronto Pride Parade 2012

Here are some photos taken during and after the parade: The Boys of Toronto Pride Parade 2012! These boys and men


The Crowd at Toronto Pride Parade 2012

The crowd at Toronto Pride Parade 2012 was insane! despite the heat wave, more than a million came to celebrate


Pow Wow in Toronto 2012 Photos

Pow Wow Wells Hill Park Toronto Whats a POW WOW? Its one of the oldest, important, colorful aboriginal ceremonies. Its a


Toronto Pow Wow 2012

At Wells High Park.  For more photos of the Pow Wow, see them here. Toronto Pow Wow


Taste of Little Italy

Taste of Little Italy College Street Toronto I guess, this pretty sums up the event dubbed as “Taste of Little Italy” last weekend


Santo Domingo Carnaval 2012 and a bad experience

Carnaval Infantil Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic After almost three years, my Swiss friend and I met each other again–but this