Sunset at Cyprus Lake

Watching sunset is a hobby that becomes a habit every time I visit a place. I never get tired of it and it never gets old.

The sunset at Cyprus Lake wasn’t the most impressive I’ve seen but there’s enough fire in it that ignited my thoughts and calmed my tired body from hiking—to pause, admire and be mesmerized.

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At the end of the day, sunset slows me down and reminds me of the many things past, present and future.

Sunset at Cyprus Lake Camping Ground Bruce Peninsula Tobermory

It’s therapeutic. 

Sunset at Cyprus Lake Campsite

 And it’s romantic—even if you’re alone.

Sunset at Cyprus Lake Tobermory


sunset tobermory

…..because watching it is just like watching your lover’s eyes expressing his love like it’s on fire.

sunset tobermory bruce peninsula

It’s as magical as the first time you laid your eyes on him.

Sunset tobermory bruce peninsula

Sunset, too, gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you are and what you want to be.

sunset tobermory bruce peninsula

Sunset is a great equalizer. People from all walks of life see it for free—but maybe, in different perspectives.

Sunset at Cyprus Lake Bruce Peninsula 16

When nature is bathed in golden glow….

sunset bruce peninsula

…we all heave a sigh for its breathtaking beauty.

tobermory sunset

…..we all feel high for the happiness it gives us.

Tobermory sunset bruce peninsula

…..we are all damn dramatic when we  associate such happiness with someone.

Sunset Tobermory Bruce Peninsula

…..we all become nostalgic when we know that, in the other side of the world, someone we know is watching its sunrise.

Sunset Bruce Peninsula Tobermory

……and most of all, we see sunset as the journey of our own lives.

sunset tobermory bruce peninsula

The sun rises. The sun sets.

sunset bruce peninsula

A man rises. A man falls.

sunset tobermory

 That’s why sunsets are meant to be beautiful…..

sunset at cyprus lake

…..because they remind us that rain or shine…..

Sunset at Cyprus lake

… goes on.

sunset at cyprus lake

So, the next time you see a sunset, be grateful that your day has just ended….

sunset at cyprus lake

…..because for others, it has just began. 

sunset tobemory bruce peninsula

These photos are unfiltered and sans photoshop. A beauty like this doesn’t need either of that.


While watching the sunset at Cyprus Lake, this snake suddenly slithered out from the bottom of the rocks—but he behaved well. Maybe, he knew I was alone and thought I needed some company.

Or, maybe, just like me, he loves sunsets, too.

snake cyprus lake

For more information about Cyprus Lake Camp Ground, visit the Parks Canada website. 


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