Statue of Liberty in New York City

I can tell my future grand nieces and nephews that, “I was there!”

The colossal Statue of Liberty in New York City is more magnificent to see with your naked eye than in postcards. Photoshopped photos wont do any justice. Let alone, the experience of a lifetime to stand right in front of her.

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Statue of Liberty Torch
Statue of Liberty Torch.

The TORCH and FLAME symbolize truth and justice enlightening the world.

Lady Liberty Statue New York
Statue of Liberty Torch.

The crowns seven rays, suggest the 7 Seas and 7 Continents. It was too late for me to book a ticket to climb–up to her crown.

Statue of Liberty Book.
Statue of Liberty Book.

In her left arm, a table of law inscribed in Roman numerals the date of American Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

Lady Liberty Statue New York
Lady Liberty, New York City.

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Lady Liberty Statue New York
Lady Liberty, New York City.

Me. Looking up. Wiggin.

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