Six Things To Do And See in Hongkong

I’ve been to Hongkong four times in the past—and those visits weren’t really for pleasure and leisure. They were short visits that lasted only 3-4 days, just to exit mainland China and to get a new temporary visa which will be changed to working visa by my employer in Beijing. Since Hongkong isn’t that big, 4 days will be just ideal to explore around–that is, if you’ll skip Disneyland which will take you a day to see everything it has to offer.

I couldn’t really remember now everything I did when I was there. I wasn’t travel blogging back then and all I did was walked around until my feet got tired. And I loved their subway there, too! It’s one of the best underground transit in the world.

A friend of mine from Hongkong has this list of places to go and things to do when visiting her city.

Six Things To Do And See in Hongkong

Six Things To Do And See in Hongkong (Disneyland)

Lin Heung Tea House

It was originally a bakery shop from Guangzhou selling Chinese style pastry in 1889, later was given the name “Lin Heung”, which originated from their famous lotus paste pastry. In 1918, a branch was opened in HK.

The one in HK is still operating from 6am to 11pm daily, not only does it offer the popular lotus paste pastry, but also dim sum. It is situated in Central mid-level, in a 7-storey high old tenement house; with their retro decoration and tableware, one may feel a turn back in time back to the olden days.

The Symphony of Lights at the Victoria Harbor

The Avenue of Stars is one of the attractions in HK and a great place to visit in day time, but at the exact same spot, our Victoria Harbor will dress up in dazzling, colored laser beams and dance with music at 8 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night.

According to the Guinness World Records, it is the ‘world’s largest permanent light and sound show’, where our landmark buildings along the HK Island side are decorated with colored lights and put up a 5-section show together with music and English narration. Here, visitors can definitely experience the vivid vibrant of the Hong Kong Style!


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Tai O Village

Lantau Island is famous for the Big Buddha, but other than that, there is another interesting site-seeing place – the Tai O Village, the Venice of HK. HK started as a fish port when most people are fishermen and Tai O was the earliest fishermen’s village, with its uniquely designed stilt houses (a.k.a Pang Uk) built above water. Pickled products such as salted marshes and shrimp paste are the must-try signature here. With the rapid development in town, fishing is fading and the fisherman lifestyle is also disappearing, but it is for sure part of the HK history and thus a must-go place to experience HK culture.

What’s more? There are boat trips for seeing the Chinese white dolphins, which is a special species of dolphin that can only be found along the Chinese coast.

Lamma Island

One of the islands of HK, many people may have come here for seafood, but it is also a great place for hiking. The path linking the two ferry piers on each side of the island and takes only 1 hour to complete, it is an easy path for family and children. Further, it is the place where our one and only wind power station situated, visitors can take a closer look at their facility in the Exhibition Centre.

To get there, you can take a ferry from Central ferry pier and one would not miss the island from far for the wind turbine and the 3 chimneys of the Lamma Power Station, which is a coal-fired power plant.

Six Things To Do And See in Hongkong

Six Things To Do And See in Hongkong (Victoria Peak)

Victoria Peak

HK is the pearl of the East, to appreciate its beauty, you have to go somewhere high! The Sky Terrace on the Peak is located at 428 meters above sea level and with the 360-degree panoramic view, you can truly experience the stunning lights of this pearl.

Also, to get there, you cannot miss the Peak Tram, for it has been serving all visitors going up and down the Peak for more than 120 years, it is thus described as an emblem of the HK history. Passengers can also visit the Peak Tram Historical Gallery located at the lower terminus of the tram station for free.

 Disneyland Hongkong

This is a must if you are travelling with kids or adults who are kids at heart. You’ll love it there for sure. There are many things to do–from nature to adventure parks to performance arts and tens of mascots on the streets, it’s magical!


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