Reichstag Dome in Berlin – Uniting History and Modern Technology

The Reichstag Dome in Berlin is a symbol of the unifying force of what used to be East and West Berlin. The glass dome is above the Reichstag Building that houses the German Parliament. If you are standing in front of the building, you might think it’s just another dome in Europe. But, hey, it’s not one of those domes! This one is, believe me, one you’ll never forget too soon. You’ll forget about other places you’ve visited in the city but this. This tourist attraction in Berlin is just a few steps north of Brandenburg Tor.

Reichstag Dome in Berlin Germany
Reichstag Dome in Berlin – Uniting History and Modern Technology

Book Your Visit

It is recommended to book your visit here, especially in summer. If you’re lazy to do it online, you can always line up at the reservation booth on the right side of the building. If you’re lucky, you might get in on the same day if there are available time slots. However, you’ll probably get the next-day reservation. You can visit it from 8:00 in the morning until midnight – with the last admission at 10:00 in the evening. Bring your passport – and oh, it’s free!

Reichstag Dome in Berlin Germany Attractions
Reichstag Dome in Berlin – Uniting History and Modern Technology

This is the facade of the Reichstag building in Berlin. Did you see that dome in the middle? That is not your ordinary dome.

Reichstag Building Berlin
The Reichstag Building in Berlin

Up close, the glass dome looks like this.

Reichstag Glass dome Berlin Things to do
The exterior of the glass dome.

And yes, it’s on the top of a historical building that was destroyed during World War II.

Reichstag Dome in Berlin Hotel Hostel
Sir Norman Foster designed the modern dome structure.

Now, let me show you inside this modern dome.

bundestag dome Berlin germany
The spiral pathway leads to the top where a view of Berlin skyline awaits.

To reach the top, you have to climb the spiral platform.

spiral staircase Berlin things to do
The Reichstag building houses the German Parliament.

As the height increases, the views of the surrounding area gets better.

Things to do Berlin Hostel Hostel
The dome has become one of the iconic structures in Berlin.

Don’t walk fast. Stop for a while and admire its modern design.

Tourist Attractions Berlin Travel Germany
This is definitely one of the things to do in Berlin.

Look up and look down. See its beauty, its glistening metals, and its mirror reflections.

Tourist Attractions Berlin Hotel Hostel
You will love it here!

I couldn’t get enough of its fantastic design. It’s clearly photogenic, no matter what/where the angle is.

Things to do in Berlin Tourist Attractions
Modern and sleek, the dome is worth visiting for an hour or two.

The funnel-like structure directs sunlight to the chamber below, where German politicians are busy debating issues.

Tour Berlin Germany Things to do
The German Parliament Chamber is below this glass dome.

Its glass mold, perhaps, signifies the transparency of its government.

Attractions to see in Berlin Germany Hostel Hostel
A funnel, a cone, or a tornado?

When you reach the top, grab a seat and enjoy the city views of Berlin.

Berlin Hostel Hostel
The top of the Reichstag Glass Dome.

Sir Norman Foster designed the modern Reichstag dome, which opened to the public in 1999.

Berlin Skyline
The dome is open until midnight, but the last entry is at 10 PM.

Though the construction of the glass dome was controversial, nowadays, it is one of the most-visited attractions in Berlin.

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