Reasons Why You Should Visit Melbourne, Australia

Located on the southern coast of Australia, where it’s the capital of the region of Victoria, Melbourne is a beautiful and adventurous city to visit. It’s known to those who have traveled there for a great many things, but the all-encompassing way to put it is that it’s simply a very fun city. It’s not all about sights or museums, pub-hopping or a national park – it’s simply a multi-faceted destination in one of the most fascinating places on Earth.

Still, it helps to have some specific motivation to go to a place, so here are a few particular reasons why you might want to visit Melbourne one day.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Melbourne, Australia
Reasons Why You Should Visit Melbourne, Australia

The Coffee Is World Class

Coffee might not seem like the most logical place to start, but this isn’t just any coffee. Back in 2014, Melbourne was actually voted the world’s best place for coffee, beating out more traditional hot spots like Rome and Vienna, not to mention some popular production places such as Colombia. As you might imagine, coffee that good isn’t just tucked away in a few little shops. Rather, it’s spawned a lovely café culture that exists throughout the city, such that one of the most charming experiences you can have is simply finding a cheerful, trendy venue and sitting down for a hot mug.

Federation Square Is A Blast

Federation Square is actually a difficult place to draw a comparison to when you think about other major cities around the world. It has a city centre vibe to it, yet it’s not so much in the middle of town as on the outer rim of it. This allows the area to feel very open and makes it a blast to hang out, whether you’re trying a new restaurant, taking in a passing attraction of some kind, or simply mingling with other people. It’s the place to be, even if it’s difficult to describe a single prevailing attraction or reason to go.

The Sports Scene Is Unrivaled

“Unrivaled” might sound dramatic, but it really is hard to find a better sports city on the planet. Local sports primarily include cricket, Aussie Rules football, football, and rugby, and basketball has gotten more popular as well. But where Melbourne jumps to a different level is through some of its international events. The Melbourne Cup is one of the world’s most famous horse racing events, and the Australian Grand Prix at the beginning of the Formula 1 season also takes place in Melbourne. Best of all however might be the Australian Open, the first major tournament of the professional tennis season each year, taking place on hard courts at Melbourne Park in front of festive and adoring crowds. Altogether, you really can’t miss out on the sports scene while you’re in town.

The Botanic Gardens Are Actually Worth It

If we’re being completely honest, the botanic gardens that often make it onto trip idea lists in major cities can typically be skipped. They’re always pretty but rarely special, which means they’re not usually logical priorities. The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are simply bigger and better than most of their counterparts though. They make for the best break from the hustle of the city, as well as simply a stunning, park-like area to lose yourself in on a nice day.

It’s A Wonderful City To Walk

Melbourne is quite large, so the suggestion that it’s walkable doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily go from end to end on foot. However, you can do a bit of research on popular routes and free walking tours, and you’ll quickly find out that some of them offer the very best ways to see the city. There are just a lot of lovely areas to explore, and it’s often easiest to do so on foot. Though for those who would rather spend less time on foot, there is also a famous tram system in Melbourne.


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