4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to a Luxury Cruise

Have you grown tired of the mainstream mega-ship cruise? Perhaps there are too many people on board for you to truly relax? Or maybe the service and food aren’t quite to the standard you desire? If you answered ‘Yes’ to all three questions, there is only one solution: it’s time to embrace luxury. 

While the word “luxury” might evoke another such as “expensive”, you might be surprised at the pricing of such cruises. Many different ships are sailing the seas these days, and each cruise line knows the competition is fierce when enticing new passengers. As a result, certain lines will be offering suites at competitive prices – and without sacrificing on quality. 

So whether you’re pondering a cruise with Celebrity Cruises or any other line, read on for the reasons that will make the decision an easy one.

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to a Luxury Cruise
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1. Luxury accommodation 

On a luxury cruise, those inside cabins are a thing of the past. Now you get to travel in style and comfort. Most luxury ships opt against cabins altogether and instead go with all-suite accommodations. 

Along with typically being more pleasant in terms of décor and space, these luxury suites will also pack in those little touches which make a real difference. The high-end toiletries will be appreciated when a long bath is required after a day of exploring a new country. Luxury lines will also tend to include binoculars so you can get a closer look at the spectacular moving scenery.

2. Enhanced services 

As you would expect, a luxury cruise places a particular emphasis on customer service. Even before you step foot on the ship, you can be guaranteed to receive a warm welcome and assistance whenever needed. 

On certain lines, they will go above and beyond. They will utilize butlers and specialized crew members to deal with all manner of tasks. This could range from polishing your dress shoes ready for a formal event on the cruise, to running a bath before your return.

3. Unforgettable dining experiences 

Luxury cruise lines often team up with renowned Michelin-starred chefs to craft an unforgettable menu. They typically won’t stop with just a few meals, either, and they will provide a wide array of dishes to ensure they cater for all taste buds. 

Aside from setting menus, special requests are always welcome on a luxury cruise. If you’re craving a certain dish, let the maître d’ know, and they will pass the information on to the cruise’s chef. The result: you receive a delicious meal that perfectly matches up with your specifications. 

4. Visit less-traveled locations 

As luxury lines typically utilize smaller ships, there’s a greater scope to visit locations that larger counterparts cannot do. This means you get to stop off at less touristy spots and become fully immersed in the cultures of countries across the world. Furthermore, a luxury cruise will take extra steps to maximize each stay at a port. For instance, at popular ports, they will plan around any mega-ships docking to avoid the area being overrun by tourists. Additionally, luxury lines might have an overnight stay at certain ports, allowing you to experience excursions in full. 


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