5 Reasons to Visit Cuba

Cuba is one of the most beautiful countries in the whole world and it is famous for its culture, architecture and great history. The island country has very warm weather that makes it suitable for visiting all year long and it is a great place for vacation. The locals are extremely friendly and you will be delighted by the great culture present here. If you are not convinced yet, we listed some of the top reasons why you should visit Cuba.

1. The amazing nature

5 Reasons to Visit Cuba Havana Nature
5 Reasons to Visit Cuba

 Cuba is located in one of the warmest areas on the planet. Nature here is amazing and it is untouched in many areas. This makes it a perfect place for those who are nature lovers. The true nature of Cuba can be easily observed in many places and you don’t have to visit the national parks to see the local animals and plants. This thing will help you enjoy your stay here and observe one of the most beautiful samples of nature in the world.

2. The vintage vibes

5 Reasons to Visit Cuba Havana Cars Classic
5 Reasons to Visit Cuba

Cuba is famous for its vintage cars that are still used by the locals. The cars are well-preserved and treated with maximum care by their owners. The moment you enter Cuba you will feel like you have entered a time capsule because you will be able to see and even ride cars that are found only in the museums in most of the countries.

 The cars are very colorful and they add beautiful notes to the general atmosphere. You will enjoy seeing them on the streets while you observe the beautiful architecture.

Speaking of architecture, Cuba is also famous for preserving old buildings. The old vibes of the golden days of Cuba can be seen all over the place thanks to the well-preserved and colorful buildings.

  3. The amazing cigars

5 Reasons to Visit Cuba / Photo credit

Cuba is already famous for having the best cigar factories in the whole world. The rich tradition of cigar-making can be seen all over the place. Cuban cigar smoking is one of the main leisure activities here and you should try one of these delights. The old cigar factories are still opened to the public and you will have a great time visiting them.

On the international market, most of the premium cigar brands come from Cuba. The Bolivar Royal Coronas is a great example of a great Cuban cigar and this delight won countless taste and quality prizes. This is a cigar that you should try while being here. 

4. The food and drinks

5 Reasons to Visit Cuba
5 Reasons to Visit Cuba

Cuban culture mixes some of the most amazing traits of Latin culture. In this way, the country managed to have one of the most delicious cuisines in the whole area. The food is tasty and it has hints of spice and European vibes while keeping the authentic feel.

 The drinks here are simply amazing and they all feature the Cuban style and culture. The favorite drink of the island is rum and you will find it mixed in some of the most amazing combinations. One of the most mouth-watering cocktails here is the famous Cuba Libre.

 5 The nightlife

5 Reasons to Visit Cuba Disco Ayala
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Cuba represents the essence of Latin Culture. Countless clubs all over the country will delight you with national music. Even if you don’t know how to salsa or to tango, don’t worry. The Cuban people are very friendly and they will be eager to help you get the steps right.

 The nightlife is very dynamic and you will find a party everywhere, no matter the season or the day of the week.

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Cuba is one of the most amazing Latin countries thanks to its unique personality, culture, and history. The country offers something to anyone, no matter if you are a nature fan, foodie or passionate dancer.


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