TsingTao Brewery Museum

Tired from the two-day rush tours here and there in Qingdao, we started our trek to this coastal city at 11:00 a.m. Our first itinerary of the day was the Tsingtao Brewery Museum.

When you are a tourist is in Qingdao, you should imbibe the country’s national beer, Tsingtao Beer.

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The beer culture in this city is not a surprise. Beer was introduced, of course, by the Germans a little more than a hundred years ago. As we walked along the Beer Street, a lot of locals were just eating dumplings and noodles as their lunch coupled with bottles of Tsingtao beer. One beggar came to us to ask for money while his left hand wass holding a half-filled Tsingtao beer. I guess, the beer is the only thing that keeps him going in summer days.

Going inside the museum, we were ushered to three different buildings. The first resembles that of a librarywith so much dust everywhere. The second is the museum with exquisite antiques, photographs, posters, ads, etc… that are well-preserved in glass drawers and wooden frames.

The third one is the old factory house where, of course, the beer was distilled and manufactured ages ago. Old machines and clay statues of German scientists and Chinese workers at work were on displays to capture the moment of beer making. As we went along the rooms by following the signs, we came to know how the beer was processed and packaged before it came to every man’s mouth.

There’s a part of the building where it is still working. It is still used as factory up to this day. With modern technology, only few men and women were working. They only pushed buttons here and there without even trying to get up and see what’s going on somewhere.

We curiously watched the beer processing from empty bottles to filling them up; from packaging to delivery truck. It’s truly amazing how fast machines work.

We exited at a bar where tourists and guests received their complimentary pitcher of Tsingtao beer. They also gave us a toothpick box as a gift. We drank our free pitcher and oredered another until we were dizzy. We decided to go back to our hostel to snooze a little to get ready for the nightlife ahead.

And right when we got off the taxi in front of YHA Old Observatory Hostel, a mother of my student called. She asked what he was doing and what we had been doing. Of course, he lied. 🙂

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