Qingdao Beaches and Underground Waterworld

I slept at 2:30 this morning trying to resize the pictures and woke up at 7:30. Five hours of sleep is not enough. I have two homo contacts here in Qingdao but I still haven’t called them. My two boys are always with me anywhere I go and even if I’ll be gone for 5 minutes in our dorm-style room, they’ll ring me up and ask where the hell I am. I’m so heavily guarded by these two and there mothers are calling them three times everyday—which they really don’t appreciate. LOL…

Today, we explored Qingdao Beaches and its Underground Waterworld. We went shopping, too, and walked around the city for a long time. At night, we got drunk.


Ticket is sort of astronomical. A hundred yuan is a price unfriendly for an ordinary Chinese citizen. That’s according to my students when I asked them after their close encounter with the sea creatures in huge, impressive aquariums. Both of them agreed that though it’s worth visiting, it’s not worth paying for a hundred kuai.

As soon as you enter the small gate for ticket inspection, a tourist will be led to a marine museum where all kinds of sea creatures are carefully preserved in frames, bottles and wall glasses. There were also ginormous replicas of whales, penguins, sharks, sea lions, turtles, etc…

Down under is actually a tunnel-like aquariums with marine creatures that are diverse but are divided according to their species. You can’t mix the sharks with the school of goldfish, right? 🙂

And while you pass these tubular glass pipes, camera flashes are everywhere and the noise of excited children and adults are deafening. It’s so big deal for these young human creatures and their appreciation is just so pure and their joy is really infectious.

At the end of the glass tunnel, tourists are awed at the wonderfully-created circular glass tube which they claimed as the “World’s Biggest Single Acrylic Water Column” that stands 7.6 x 5 meters and it contains the world’s most colorful reef and fish.

On the other side of the same room where the “glass, perpendicular aquarium” proudly stands tall, is an ampitheater-like area where people sit in and listento a Chinese marine biologist explaining this and that to the attentive audience.

As usual, exits in every tourist spots in China are small shops that sell tons of souvenirs: marine plastic toys, key holders, dried fish, shells, mugs, t-shirts, etc…. As usual, these stuff are exhorbitantly priced.

This beach is Qingdao’s most famous. As what my students heard from the nearby tourist guide, this yellow-sand beach is Asia’s famous. Hmmmnnn…. okaaaayyyy…

Duh. Let’s give the Qingdao citizens the benefit of the doubt. It’s crowded in most days and some people here stay from sunup to sundown.

Max, joyfully swam into the sea like a child. It’s his first time to feel, see and swim in the sea! To document this momentous event of his life, I volunteered to be the abled photographer. He’s very amusing to watch.

The beach is open to both tourists and locals. Expect, of course, handcrafted souvenirs.

And most of all, NEVER, NEVER, eat in any restaurants you can find here. Aside from bad food and costly seafood, service is worse!


This is my fave part of the day. Watching the talented dolphins, sea lions and seals do their stuff is such an amazing feat to see. Every child, teenager, adult and oldie will be entertained. It’s very heartwarming to see how these sea animals and humans work together to achieve something that both pleases them and the audience. I just hope that these marine creatures are well-taken cared of.

Shopping at Jimmo Lu

This is the city’s version of Yashow Market or Silk Market in Beijing. It’s here wehere you find imitations of different designer stuff. Name it and they have it.

Nightlife in Qingdao

We went to a bar called Corner Jazz Club. Based on my internet research, this club is frequented by expats on weekends. But, oh, please, the bar was half-empty. Chinese yuppies were playing cards and rolling dices on the table while sipping a little on their almost empty bottles and glasses. It’s already 11:30 p.m. and the bar is dead?

What the….?

The dance floor was waiting to be conquered and the cool DJ playing was the only one gyrating to his own good music.

We went outside to visit the nearby bars. We visited three more and they’re all waiting for patrons to come. The streets are dead. As in quite. Calm. Peaceful. Holy night.

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