Pow Wow in Toronto 2012 Photos

Pow Wow
Wells Hill Park

Whats a POW WOW? Its one of the oldest, important, colorful aboriginal ceremonies. Its a Thanksgiving Ceremonies.

Yesterdays experience was my first Pow Wow attendance and I actually liked it. I was on my way to the Na Me Res booth to buy a $5 membership fee when I realized that I didnt have my wallet with me. Shame. 🙂

Torontos annual Pow Wow yesterday at Wells High Park gathered people from all walks of life. Weather was real nice and everybody had fun while under the shades of trees abounding the park. Adults had their children get their hands dirty at the Kids Area where they made their own aboriginal crafts.

Dancers wore elaborate costumes and when they danced, they do it like its really a ritual to summon spirits and stuff. I went there around 3 in the afternoon so I had no idea whats the full celebration was all about (well, I guess, aside from the fact that its a Thanksgiving Ceremonies, its also to celebrate and give voices to the aborigines?). I arrived at the time when native dancers and their children and spectators/supporters joined the aboriginal circle dance in the center of the venue. Then, it stopped for a while and the master of the ceremonies announced to the public not to take photos of the next performance as it is a spiritual dance—for something I dont remember. The drum beats and the blended voices of the singers added an awesome factor to the event as a must-see festival in this citys summer.

The child performer above shows off her hula-hoop skills. I dont know if its her cuteness or her dexterity that made her the darling of the crowd.

For more photos, see it HERE.


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