PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad

The PodShare is the new backpacking pad. It’s Hollywood’s coolest, innovative backpacking accommodation for the tech-savvy travellers.

While the bunk bed style living quarter is a hostel-like concept, each pod is equipped with technology you would experience in a hotel room. In fact, it’s even better. No hidden fees. No additional charges for using them. They’re free.

PodShare is a platform with great concept; an incubator way more spacious than capsule hotels I’ve stayed in Japan; and a globalization simulation that would change the way we view budget travel accommodations.

PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad Hostels in Los Angeles Hollywood

PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad

PodShare is a travel revolution to make you feel like you are in the comfort of your own bed at home, without sacrificing the purpose of travel—to meet people, learn culture, share resources and experience the city with a blast!

Hostellers are soon to be obsolete and podestrians are in style. Bunk beds no more but pods, furnished with technological gadgets within your reach. Traveling couples/friends in separate beds is a thing of the past, PodShare has the answer to keep the bond together—co-living spaces for duo.

PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad Hostels in Los Angeles Hollywood

PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad

The Pod
Each pod is bigger than the memory foam mattress. The extra space below your feet is for your backpack, instead of pushing it under your bed. It has LED lamp, electrical / USB outlets, remote control, a headphone and a TV screen supplied with Amazon TV, Hulu, Netflix, TV channels, Pandora, movies, etc. It has hooks to hang your towels, belt or scarf. And oh, they gave me a pair of slippers, too! They also have safe lockers for your valuables. Bring your own lock.

You forgot your fellow podestrians’ name? Just look at the rectangular board in between bunks and you’ll see their names written on it. You’ll save yourself from embarrassment. They are, perhaps, the only backpacking accommodation that profiles podestrians from around the world.

PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad Hostels in Los Angeles Hollywood

PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad

And most of all, PodShare has a brilliant design to get rid of everyone’s pet peeve when staying in the hostel—being assigned on the upper bunk. I admit, when checking in in hostels, I have many good excuses to tell the receptionist to avoid the upper bunk—and most of the time, I’m successful. It’s not because I’m getting old (oh, please!) but it’s just annoying to take those tiny ladders that give a 10.0 magnitude earthquake every time I climb. Apologizing to the person occupying the lower bunk for the nasty creaking sound and earth-shattering movement can be annoying. At PodShare, no more ladders but built-in stairs. How awesome is that?

PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad Hostels in Los Angele Hollywood Hostel

PodShare is the New Backpacking Pad

Another thing that makes PodShare different is that, after checking in, a podestrian is led to a computer screen which shows his unique door key numbers. Their kiosk has tourist maps, coupons and other city info you might need when exploring Los Angeles.

The bathroom is stocked with shampoos, conditioners, shaving gels, liquid body wash, etc… And oh, boy, they have the thickest but softest toilet paper in all hostels I’ve stayed so far. It’s communal living too, so, clean up whatever you use in the kitchen. Hungry? Feel free to open the kitchen cupboard and serve yourself.

Hostels in Los Angeles Hollywood

The staff members are helpful and they bring you out to nearby bars and other events. They have karaoke night that would bring the undiscovered singing talent in you.

It’s 5 minutes walk from Hollywood/Vine Metro. You’ll be walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on your way to PodShare. If you keep reading the stars while walking, you might miss your left turn on Cosmo Street. That’s what happened to me. 🙂

The Future for PodShare
They’re expanding in cities like San Francisco, New York City, Vegas, Venice Beach and Austin. They’re looking for real estate developers, landlords and group investment fund for their next branches. Watch this video for more info.



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  • I was in LA two months ago and stayed in a hostel right across the Hollywood/Highlands metro. Though it’s convenient to everything, I could have stayed here if I had known this hostel. This is really cool. For five days, I was on the upper bunk! LOL…

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