Photos: Vancouver Pride Parade 2019

The Vancouver Pride Parade 2019 was last Sunday, but summer days really make me lazy. I’d prefer to be just reading a book at hand while lying down on a beach, listening to the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Vancouver Pride Parade 2019 Canada Travel
Vancouver Pride Parade 2019

It’s my first time to attend the Pride Parade in Vancouver, and I was not expecting too much. Of course, I can’t compare it to the three World Prides (Toronto, Madrid, and New York) I’ve attended.

Vancouver Pride Parade 2019 Canada
Vancouver Pride Parade 2019

VanPride is smaller than I thought. There were no fences on the parade route, the crowd was vibrant, and there were only fewer events (like free concerts, shows, etc…) during the whole Pride weekend. However, VanPride still maintains the politics present in all Pride Parades around the world.

Vancouver Pride Parade 2019
Vancouver Pride Parade 2019

So, let’s start the VanPride Pictionary.

What would Pride Parade be in Vancouver (or Canada) without the dashing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Vancouver Pride Parade 2019 Justin Trudeau
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau graced the 2019 Vancouver Pride Parade.

You thought Pride is for humans only? You’re so wrong! It’s for our furry friends, too.

Vancouver Pride Parade 2019Vancouver Pride Parade 2019
Should this dog be a Pride Marshall?

People from all walks of life came to celebrate.

Vancouver Pride Parade 2019
Everyone is welcome at Pride.

Some are viewing from the comforts of their balcony.

Things to do in Vancouver
VanPride spectators from their balconies.

Others are in the parade.

Things to do in Vancouver
VanPride is always on the first Sunday in August.

And many are cheering from the sidelines.

Hotel Hostel in Vancouver
The crowd at VanCity Pride.

Few came in fabulous costumes.

Hotel Hostel Vancouver Travel Blog
One word: Fabulous!

Others sashayed in drag, besting the real nuns.

Sisters of Perpetual Help Vancouver Pride
The Sisters of Perpetual Help are staples at Pride.

Oh yes, bodies of all sizes are welcome, too!

Hostel Hotel Vancouver Pride
Don’t be a queen, just be a drag.

But, the hotties got a lot more stares, hosannas, and cheers. 😉

Hot guys pride VanPride Vancity Travel Blog
Who would you pick? 😉

You’ve got fetish? No problem. You can join in the fun, too!

BDSM VanPride Hotel Hostel Travel Blog
Are you a slave or a master?

The absence of politics is, perhaps, the death of Pride.

No More Kills VanPride
Everyone in the parade marches for those who can’t.
Vancouver Pride Parade 2019
VanPride Parade 2019

They celebrate, too, for those small and big victories for the LGBTQ community.

VanCity Pride Hostel Hotel Things to do Vancity
The guy wagging his tongue is my spirit animal. 😀

Imagine if one day Pride is irrelevant because tolerance, acceptance, and equality is the new normal.


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