The Vatican Swiss Guards are usually found at St Peter’s Basilica. If you’re facing the dome, you can find them on the left side of the church. They’re usually in pairs. There’s also one on the right side after you pass through security (last photo below).

The Swiss Guards. You might ask why not Vatican / Italian Guards? Well, having the Swiss Guards protecting the Pope has been a tradition since the Renaissance period. And you know how Catholics are so against changes in tradition, right? So, they remain. 😀 They’re also called Pontifical Swiss Guards.

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The Vatican Swiss Guards (Rome, Italy).
The Vatican Swiss Guards (Rome, Italy).

The Uniforms and Weapons

As you can see, it is a combination of red, yellow-orange, and blue. And yes, they, too, have weapons. That pointed pole they’re holding is a halberd, a traditional weapon. I have the feeling that in those loose pants, a Swiss knife is hidden somewhere. 😉 I’m not sure though what weapon they carry on their waist. Certainly not a gun – because it’s not America. 😀

The Vatican Swiss Guards

Things to do and see in Rome
The Vatican Swiss Guards (Rome, Italy).

How to Save in Rome

Rome and the Vatican are packed with places to see and history to marvel at. If you’re going to stay there for a few days only, it’s very impossible to squeeze everything you want to see. So, it is wise to do the Hop-on and Hop-Off Bus Pass for 24, 48, and 72 hours! This will save you time and you’ll see the places you’ve been dying to visit and have known of from the pages of history books.

The Vatican Swiss Guards (Rome, Italy).
Arent they hot? 😂
The handsome Swiss men
Things to do and see in Rome.

Where to Stay in Rome – Hostel in Rome

Hostel Alessandro Palace and Bar is your best bet in Rome. This hostel exceeded my expectations. The spacious rooms are secured with magnetic key cards and equipped with safe lockers for your valuables. You have to bring your own lock though. If you forgot to bring one, you can always buy one in their vending machine downstairs. They also have a bar that serves your alcohol needs. The staff are friendly and speaks English, too. The area has a lot of cafes, restaurants, and grocery shops. The Roman Colosseum is 30 minutes and the Trevi Fountain is 20 minutes walk from here. But, most of all, it’s less than 5 minutes walk to the Rome Central Station. Trains to the airport and to other parts of Italy start and end at this station. You can book your accommodations in Rome through HostelWorld and


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