This Peace Bridge in Calgary is a Photogenic Place to be

The Peace Bridge in Calgary looks like a bullet train – at least from afar. It also looks like a web, a cocoon, or something futuristic that a machine could come out of it swiftly. Or does it look like a puzzle, too? Oh yeah, it does look like that of a finger trap puzzle that we played when we were young.

Peace Bridge in Calgary Things to do
Peace Bridge in Calgary (Canada).

The Peace Bridge came into existence, tagging along with a lot of controversies. Though its name is a tribute to the military, it is, perhaps, an attempt to calm down two opposing sides.

Peace Bridge in Calgary Things to do
Peace Bridge in Calgary (Alberta, Canada).

Whatever their differences were, judging from the beauty of this bridge, it’s not hard for them to love it and claim it as their own.

Peace Bridge in Calgary Things to Do
Peace Bridge in Calgary (Alberta, Canada).

World-renowned Spanish architect, Antonio Calatrava, designed the bridge to the tune of $25 million.

Peace Bridge in Calgary Things to do Hotel Hostel
Peace Bridge in Calgary (Alberta, Canada).

While the architect is known for their white architectural masterpieces, this project is coated in red. It is a homage to Canada (see Canadian flag). 😉

Things to in Calgary Hotel Hostel
Its red color is a homage to Canada.

Peace Bridge is intended for pedestrians and cyclists (and lime/scooter users, too). As you can see in the photo below, footpaths are on both sides, while the one in the middle is for cyclists.

Inside the Peace Bridge in Calgary
A footbridge in Calgary.

That’s why it is hard to get the shot you want when cyclists come and go. Posing in the middle of it can irritate cyclists. 😀 And a few are not shy to vent out their frustrations about you taking over their lane. 😀

Things to do in Calgary Hotel Hostel
Be careful when taking photos. Cyclists come and go.

So, I guess the best time to go there is when most commuters/cyclists are in the office doing their daily grind. 😀 And for sure, the evenings should be a good time to visit it, too.

Antonio Calatrava projects Canada
Spanish architect Antonio Calatrava designed this wonderful bridge.

Once you cross the bridge, take a rest at Peace Park. Or you can go on a stroll at Prince’s Island. On a sunny day, the island is a perfect refuge from the heat.

Peace Park Antonio Calatrava Project
Peace Park and Prince’s Island are right next to the bridge.

From here, you will be able to see great views of the City of Calgary.

Calgary Skyline Things to do
Calgary skyline is also visible from Peace Bridge.

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