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Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral Meico City 3

Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico City is a must for Catholic pilgrims. And even if you are not

Imperial Citadel of Than Long Hanoi Vietnam 7

The Imperial Citadel of Than Long in Hanoi is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its cultural, political, and

Tree House Nusa Penida Bali 1

The Rumah Pohon Treehouse in Nusa Penida is your tiny dream house. It is your dream dollhouse, perhaps, when you

Things to do Around Kandy Lake Sri Lanka 1

The views around Kandy Lake are worth seeing. I recommend you walk around the lake and just enjoy it leisurely.

Stilt Houses Maing Thauk Village – Lake Inle Myanmar 1

Visiting Maing Thauk village and its stilt houses is one of the tourist attractions we did on our one-day tour

Shwe Inn Dein Pagodas Lake Inle Myanmar 2

Shwe Indein Pagodas are the ruins that you have to see now. Why? Because new pagodas keep building up around

Top of Burj Khalifa Dubai Skyline 1

View from the Top of Burj Khalifa

The view from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai shows the fast-growing pace of wherever the city is heading

South Kaibab Trailhead Grand Canyon

Recommended Hiking Trails at the Grand Canyon

Don’t just visit the Grand Canyon. Experience it! Visiting is just like going there for a while, taking photos and