Overhanging Point – A Breathtaking View

The Cyprus Campground site at Bruce Peninsula offers a lot of things to do and see. Campers are within walking distance to hiking trails, lakes, Dragon Head Cove, the Grotto and Georgian Bay, of course—where the clearest of all water is waiting for you to get wet. Thirty minutes walk from these sites, is the Overhanging Point where it can be reached via the Bruce Trail.

Advise to those who want to go hiking: wear shoes that would hold and last on rocky/craggy trails.

Overhanging Point Bruce Peninsula

On your way to the Overhanging Point, you won’t miss this gravel part of the lakeshore. 

Overhanging Point Bruce Peninsula

I was told that these loads of gravel are used to build railways and other infrastructure.

Overhanging Point Bruce Peninsula

This is the entrance, a tiny hole, to the bottom of the Overhanging Point.

Overhanging Point Bruce Peninsula

Slowly, I went down through the hole but this is where I could only manage to do.

Bruce Peninsula Overhanging Point

I could go down there but I wasn’t sure if I could climb back.

Overhanging Point Georgian Bay

It was too risky for me—and there was no cellphone signal there—just in case I’d be stuck. I don’t wanna be the guy in the movie, “Into The Wild.” LOL…

Bruce Peninsula

So, I climbed back out of the hole….

Bruce Peninsula

…..and roamed around—-desperate to find another way. “There must be another path,” I thought.

bruce Peninsula

But, such search was futile. So I sat on this Overhanging Point….

Bruce Peninsula

 ….and admired the breathtaking view and the serene splendour of the lake below. 

Point Overhanging Bruce peninsula

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