The Old Town of Cologne – A Walk Through History

The historic Old Town of Cologne is, I think, the best place to drink and eat in the city. Especially in the summer- when the searing temperature is on, and everyone is thirsty. 😀

Based on historical records, 72% of the city was destroyed by World war II. However, much of the structures of the Old Town Cologne was rebuilt, but still true to its original form.

Colourful houses in Koln Hotel Hostel
Colourful houses in Koln.

Before my friend showed me the Old Town center, we walked along the Rhine River.

Hotel Hostel Koln Travel Blog
Get into one of these bars and drink like a German. 😉

We passed by the Deutches Sports and Olympia Museum.

Olympia Museum Cologne Rhine River
Deutches Sports and Olympia Museum in Cologne

Then, we dropped by the Cologne Chocolate Factory Museum (Schcoladen) where we had Lindt.

Cologne Chocolate Factory Museum Things to do
The Chocolate Factory Museum in Cologne (Germany)

Of course, we posed and took photos in front of Kranhaus, an upsidedown L-shaped building with 17 storeys.

Hotel Hostel Cologne Rhine River

We continued walking until we reached these attached, colourful houses.

The Historic Old Town of Cologne (Germany). Travel Blog
The Historic Old Town of Cologne (Germany).

Then, we walked on the narrow and cobblestoned pathways that led to a small square.

Old Town of Cologne Germany Travel Blog
The Historic Old Town of Cologne (Germany).

It was a busy small square full of open-door beer gardens that also serve food.

Things to do in Koln/Cologne
The Historic Old Town of Cologne (Germany).

The food! Oh dear! Glorious food! Look at this!

German Food Travel Blog Hostel Hostel
Glorious food! Oh, glorious food!

We were so tempted to sit down to have dinner here, but my friend insisted she’s cooking.

The Historic Old Town of Cologne (Germany).
German Food

On my last day, however, I went back and had, of course, these sausages! 😀 😀

The Historic Old Town of Cologne Travel Germany
The Historic Old Town of Cologne (Germany).

Your stroll in and around Old Town Cologne should end at the city’s most-visited attraction. You probably already know what that is – the towering Cologne Cathedral!

Köln Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.
Köln Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

Hostel / Hotel in Cologne

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