Old School Restaurant – Where Queen Elizabeth Dined

At the Old School Restaurant in Brantford, there stands an old chair where the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, sat on June 28, 1997 when she came for a visit and dined here with her royal entourage.

Three Sundays ago, before we headed off to Hamilton’s Sunflower Farm, we stopped by at this famed restaurant for a quick brunch. It turned out that every Sunday, they have brunch buffet from 11:00 to 3:00 pm. We were kind of late with our reservation due to long weekend traffic but the guy who met us at the door was very welcoming and accommodating. He then led us to our table for three which was kinda dark but its on an elevated floor where we can see the bar directly across from us.

Old School Restaurant Brantford

All staff members in the restaurant were dressed in suit and tie. It’s kinda embarrassing to be in a fine dining place and two of us were wearing our summer shorts and shirt. Our only girl, however, was dressed to the nines, complete with mother pearl necklace. Most people who were around us must have been from their church that they’re dressed for the place. It was a relief when I saw a couple who were also dressed like us. LOL….

The food was great! But don’t take my word for it because I’m not a chef nor a food expert. But all three of us agreed—so that must be something you should consider. They have an omelette table where you choose the ingredients and ask the chef however you want it. The hot table is filled with chicken, scrambled eggs (love this!), sausage, pancakes, bacon, etc… The cold table has shrimp, salmon, desserts, fruits, bread, etc…. Drinks are already included in the price of $20, including tax.

The place was used to be a school, thus, the name, Old School Restaurant, explains it. Inside is a like a little museum where old pieces of furniture are well taken cared off, bottles of coca cola in different generations are displayed on a cupboard, a grand piano sits proudly on a little stage where a singer-guitarist belts her heart out for a melody that entertains the diners, a colorful fresco gives generous amount of light inside, an ancient telephone stands in a corner, old photographs hanging idly on the wall, and other host of antiques and memorabilia worth seeing.

Old School Restaurant Ontario

Old School Restaurant Canada

Old School Restaurant

The Grand Piano

Old School Restaurant Brantford 8

The Hot Table

Old School Restaurant

Old School Restaurant Ontario

Old School Restaurant Canada

Oh yes, of course! I sat on the chair where Her Majesty sat! This might be my only royal connection. LOL….

Queen Elizabeth Chair Old School restaurant

Inscription on the back of the chair.

Old School Restaurant Brantford

Old School Restaurant Brantford 1

Old School Restaurant Brantford 9

When you ask for the bill, they'll give you this --- a report card.

When you ask for the bill, they’ll give you this — a report card.

Inside the report card.

Inside the report card.

Old School Restaurant Brantford 13


The Old School Restaurant
Paris Road West
687 Powerline Road
Brantford, Ontario


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