New York City – Night Views

Truly, New York City is the city that never sleeps. In my two-week stay in the city, I was out there on the street until 4:30 A.M and people were going and moving everywhere. Except, of course, during the eve when Hurricane Irene smashed the city with a flood, early heavy downpour, and strong winds.

This is New York way after sunset.

New York City - Night Views
The view right after sunset.

When the lights start flickering, the city’s landscape gets better.

New York City - Night Views
NYC at night.

And then it becomes a different world you know during the day.

New York City at night.

The lights are blinding, and mesmerizing!

New York City at Night

Everything comes alive and you could see the farthest parts of the Big Apple.

Things to do in NYC
New York City at night

The skyscrapers reveal their true beauty.

And suddenly, some buildings you don’t notice during the day become fabulous at night!

New York City at Night

Where to see all of this? Be on top of the Rockefeller Center!

New York City at Night
The city that never sleeps.

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Saving Tip in NYC

I’ve got one to say – buy a CityPass. It really helped me save money the first time I was there. And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit the 911 Memorial Museum – it’s just a few steps from here.

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