New York City: 5th Avenue

I went to the Apple Store at 5th Avenue this morning to get help regarding my [easyazon_link asin=”B00F3J4E5U” locale=”US” new_window=”yes” nofollow=”default” tag=”pridecostume-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”yes” popups=”yes”]iPhone[/easyazon_link] which suddenly crashed, like, totally dead when I arrived here in NYC last night. The shop assistants/IT experts were really efficient and very helpful. They’re not the ones you meet and talk to in some Apple shops where they’re gonna lead you to BUY stuff from the shop.

Did I mention that the shop itself is damn cool?

Anyway, I spent my first day in this city at 5th Avenue and its neighboring streets and avenues for the whole day today. My super fabulous friend brought me to this Chinese restaurant for a sumptuous lunch near Rockefeller Center where I thought it serves buffet. I took as many dishes I wanted to devour. Boy, was I wrong! When we   paid (not me, actually—it’s him), I was surprised that the cashier weighed our food on a scale. I was like, huh? Call it culture shock 101. It was $6.99/lbs. Mine, of course, was very heavy. I refused to know and look how much he paid. Hahahahahaha!

New York City's 5th Avenue.
New York City’s 5th Avenue.

New York City–5th Avenue, is a shopping paradise. Name it and they have it. The high-end fashion houses display their brand’s name and products like there’s some kind of spell for passersby to come and see (and ultimately buy) what they offer inside.

New York City's 5th Avenue
New York City’s 5th Avenue is a shopping mecca.

There are soooooo many tourists in this street. You can never miss them. They have the stereotype of what a tourist look like: cameras are worn like necklaces, comfy in shorts and walking shoes and a backpack. They got bottled water, a guide book and a map on their hands, too. Yeah, that’s me (except a map and guide book–kept them in my bag). I wanna walk in New York like I own the street. :))

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However, these tourists slash backpackers are better looking (I’m talking about the way they groom themselves) than those backpackers you can find in Asia who look filthy (with disheveled hair, dirty backpacks, shorts and shirts—and some smelly!). I guess, backpackers to NYC have this “pressure” to look good rather than be mistaken as homeless. And no, I didn’t look like a vagabond when I backpacked Asia before. Hehehehehe…

New York City's 5th Avenue.
Skyscrapers everywhere at New York City’s 5th Avenue.

Walking on this street made me feel a bit dizzy looking up to the towering skyscrapers that seem to compete each other for grand fame and absolute power!

New York City's 5th Avenue.
The display of too much patriotism at New York City’s 5th Avenue.

New Yorkers don’t follow traffic lights religiously. They cross the street even if the lights are still red—after checking all directions that no car is coming their way. They’re ALWAYS in a hurry, so, why bother to wait for the walk sign? Is it a New York trait?

This trait is the easiest part I could adapt. Right away. I guess, I could be a New Yorker?

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