My Camel Visitors

I have camel visitors today – when I woke up at 12:20 PM. When I looked out the window, these desert creatures came to pass by our apartment. Camels are usually seen far from where we are but I guess, this morning is an exemption. They hanged out below us for ten minutes and moved on to the Red Sea.

This is one of the things you wouldn’t expect happening to you (but kinda know) in Saudi Arabia. It’s not really rare to see camels everywhere in the KSA, but what is rare is that they came to our apartment. We’ve never seen them before and it’s truly a sight to have them outside the high fences of our apartment. I was thrilled, excited, and happy! It’s not every day you’ll see them wandering freely because most of the camels I saw are for hire.

My Camel Visitors.
My Camel Visitors.

I even threw a piece of bread to these two – they shared and devoured it like they’re used to eating it! Too bad, I don’t have a whole loaf of bread to throw away. 😀

Things to do in Umlujj, Saudi Arabia.
Are they lovers? I wonder. :))

We often see them away from us–but today, they decided it’s time to explore new places. They must be like me – a wanderer! 🙂

Things to do in Umlujj, Saudi Arabia.
Here’s the view from my bedroom windows.

Moments later, two of them decided to check out the Red Sea. While the other two just went on their desert wanderings. Me? I’m still ecstatic seeing them outside my bedroom. 🙂

Things to do in Umlujj, Saudi Arabia.
My Camel Visitors.

This is so cool, right? 🙂


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