Museo de Las Casas Reales (The Museum of the Royal Houses or Royal Palaces)
La Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Built in the 16th century, the Royal Household Museum houses both the Palace of the Governor General and the Palace of Royal Audiences. The former, in the northeast part of the building, is a sober design embellished with gothic Isabeline decorations. The latter, in the southeast section, has a series of arches in white porcelain brick on the ground floor, and low-arched windows of gothic style on the upper level. Since 1976 the entire complex has been a museum, housingpieces from the island’s Hispanic period.

Admission is DOP10 for native adults, DOP15 for tourists, DOP5 for students. Children get in free. There is NO brochure/ pamphlet to be given. So, learn a bit about the place before going there—and if you don’t speak Spanish.


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