Motown Sound – A Detroit Legacy

One of Detroit’s nicknames is Motown City. It’s coined from the words, motor and town. The city isn’t just known as the birthplace of American cars but also of Motown sound, which is kind of soulful music with a distinct pop influence. It’s Detroit’s legacy.

There’s a tour that leaves every hour for $10. Photography is not allowed inside the museum. Too bad, eh?

Perhaps, your only consolation is the Michael Jackson busker outside Hitsville, USA (aka, Motown Museum).

Hitsville, U.S.A. is home to Motown sound.

Motown Museum Detroit Hitsville USA

Here, superstars were born. 

Motown sound detroit hitsville usa

Diana Ross (and The Supremes), Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Smokey Robinson, Shorty Long, and some more…..    

Motown Sound Detroit Hitsville USA

It’s also worth to mention that Madonna, the Material Girl and Eminem are also from Detroit.

A visit in Detroit is never complete without getting to know the city’s pride of soulful, jazz singers that put the city into international stardom.

Motown Sound - A Detroit Legacy.

Motown Sound – A Detroit Legacy.

Motown sound broke racial barriers, in a heavily, racially divided city.

Motown Sound - A Detroit Legacy.

Motown Sound – A Detroit Legacy.

Inside the Motown Museum are hundreds of photographs, record labels, memorabilia and other stuff that were used by famous names in the music industry.

Motown detroit Hitsville USA

You will be treated to a display of the real fedora and gloves worn by Michael Jackson and the tailored dresses that made The Supremes famous. 

Motown Detroit Hitsville USA

 You can marvel at the orange couch where Marvin Gaye used to sleep. 

Motown Sound Detroit Motown Museum

You can ogle at the vending machine where Stevie Wonder used to press for his favorite chocolate bar.

Motown sound Motown Museum Detroit

Most of all, you can stand in the original room full of the musical instruments where they used to record their hit songs.

Motown Sound Motown Museum Detroit

It’s a beautiful experience to be in that same room where the greatest musicians used to be making music…..

Motown Sound Motown Museum Detroit

Motown Sound – A Detroit Legacy.

….that generated millions of money, fans and memories throughout generations.

Motown Museum Sound detroit

Motown Sound – A Detroit Legacy.

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