Montreal Panorama at Night

Therese are photos of Montreal Panorama at Night.

I think, there’s nothing more romantic in Montreal than watching the citys panorama of glimmering lights and a luminous moon that hangs on a deep, dark night sky–while your lovers arms are wrapped around your waist or his fingers caressing your hair in the most subtle way and murmuring Elizabeth Barret Brownings, “How Do I Love Thee?” And as if on clue, a balmy summer wind swiftly gusts enough to tighten your lovers embrace?

Ok, fine, Im exaggerating. Lets just say, hes mooning over you like a teenage schoolboy? 😉

Enjoy the view.

Montreal Panorama at Night

Montreal Panorama at Night.


Montreal Panorama at Night

Montreal Panorama at Night


Montreal’s Panorama at Night.

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