Martyrs’ Shrine

An hour and a half drive from Toronto, lies a beautifully preserved, Gothic-styled Martyrs’ Shrine. According to David, the one who generously offered his time to bring us there, the Shrine was dedicated in honor for those early religious workers in Canada who first settled in Midland. These people were later eaten (I can’t imagine!) by the Indian settlers in the area.

If you are a believer and has faith in the Catholic Church, you should pay visit and be amazed at the sacredness and quietness of the place. Perfect for meditation and reflection but not perfect to attain Nirvana or sainthood. 🙂

Or even if you are just curious, just go and enjoy strolling inside and around the Church.

Martyrs’ Shrine is a scared ground where men, women and children come to pray and be healed by touching the lives of the Canadian Martyrs. 
Martyrs’ Shrine is a scared ground where people of many nations and cultures gather to enter into communion with those all over the world who sacrificed their lives for faith and for justice. 

In the vicinity, I saw a Lithuanian Cross, St. Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine (Filipino), St. Francis of Asisi, Belarusian Cross, Holy Family Shrine (Italy), Slovenian Cross, St. John Neumann Shrine (German), St. Andrew Kim (Korean), and a lot more.

Yeah, the late Pope John Paul II was here to honor those who died proclaiming the Gospel.

Martyrs’ Shrine is a scared ground where people come searching and leave challenged to go out to proclaim their faith, to inspire hope and to build a civilization of love for everyone.

For groups and pilgrimages, directions how to get there, daily schedule at the Shrine and guide / map in the area, visit their website: 

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  • I’ve been here every summer.. since I was 6. It’s a Tamil church tradition, we have a mass outside. There’s some nice beaches around as well.. yep, we go to church to eat and be merry.. and also pray little.
    Maybe next year you can join me with my fam 🙂

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