The Fabulous Marimar of Bohol

If you are from Latin America, you must be familiar with Marimar, who once ruled and the undisputed soap opera queen in Mexico. She is popularly known as Thalia, and currently the wife of Sony Records Executive, Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey’s ex.

Marimar is not just an actress, but also a diva in her own right. A sexy siren who swept the hearts of the Filipinos via her soap operas which were shown in the Philippines in the 90’s. 

Bohol, an island in the Visayas in the Philippines, has its own Marimar who can’t sing live but can lipsync to the delight of all. And oh, no, she doesn’t sing Marimar’s song but Celine Dion’s with pomposity, grace, comic and exaggerated acrobatic skills.

She’s known as “The Fabulous marimar of Bohol!” She described herself, “I am a fabulous performer and I perform like a tarsier.”

This video is for all of you who wants a good laugh. But, most especially to my Spanish Ate Danica who will turn a year older tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Ateh Danica! :))

Marimar works at Bohol’s Python Center where tourists are dropped off by buses to see the python. Instead of the python, Marimar steals the show and she becomes a tourist attraction herself.

Marimar does the explaining about the dangers and the loveliness of the center’s python which they called, Prony. He explains with a touch of fabulousness that I couldn’t be at par with.

After such, she entertains her guests with a stand-up comedy act with the performance above.



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