The Marilyn Monroe Building in Missasauga

Who would ever have thought that Marilyn Monroe would be immortalized as a curvy piece of architecture wrapped in steel and glass? Not just one but two. In Missasauga.

Where? In Missasauga!

Where is that? Well, it’s in Ontario Province. In Canada?

Oh, I see.

These twin Absolute Towers (as it is known-which I’m sure no one would ever bother to remember), put Toronto’s neighboring city into the map. I reckon, no one is making jokes about Missasauga anymore. LOL….

Now, you wonder, why on earth they call it Marilyn Monroe Building? Dude, simply because it’s named after THE Marilyn Monroe!?


Apparently, the building’s structure is patterned after Marilyn Monroe’s curvaceous vital stats. Proof? Here’s the comparison of the building and Marilyn’s photo of which the design was fashioned from. Let’s see if you can see the similarities. And let me know in the comments below.

The Marilyn Monroe Building in Missasauga

The Marilyn Monroe Building in Missasauga

These twin towers are the brainchild of a Chinese architect, Yansong Ma, who won the global competition initiated by the tower’s developers in 2006, beating out 92 other designs. The construction started in 2007 and finished in 2011. This year, this Marilyn Monroe building is adjudged as the Best Tall Buildings in Americas by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (I have no idea such council exists! LOL…).

The Marilyn Monroe Building in Missasauga

The Marilyn Monroe Building in Missasauga

And hey, you wanna live there? For one bedroom apartment, it will only cost you $325,000. There are 453 units to choose from (well, I don’t know if there are still available rooms for you, really) in this 56-storey wonder of architecture.

When you get one, invite me for the housewarming party. I’d like to know if the elevator goes in spiral motion when going up to the upper floor. 😉

Or, if you live there now, invite me for a night. I’ll bring a wine. 🙂

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